Enums with Inline Subclass

mark_mcs mark at mnetcs.com
Wed Nov 13 20:46:25 UTC 2019

I spend most of my time in java land but try to sneak in some D 
code whenever possible. One pattern that comes in handy is to use 
Java enums as states in a finite state machine (good for XML 
parsers). Given that D supports enums with custom base types, I 
was curious to see if this pattern would translate.

The code looks like this:

interface A
     void process();

enum Test : A
     Value1 = new class A {
         override void process() { writeln("Value1"); }
     Value2 = new class A {
         override void process() { writeln("Value2"); }

void main()

It's syntactically valid but you get linker errors. Seems the 
compiler doesn't generate the vtable for the inline classes:

undefined reference to `_D3app4Test12__anonclass16__vtblZ'
undefined reference to `_D3app4Test12__anonclass17__ClassZ

My question is: should this be possible? Is this a grammar bug or 
a codegen bug?

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