[SAoC] 'DPP with Linux kernel headers' Project Thread

Cristian Becerescu cristian.becerescu at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 18 10:37:48 UTC 2019

Update for week 5 of Milestone 2

I've implemented and submitted solutions for the following bugs:

> ---Bug #1---
> Accessors for members of anonymous records are not renamed when 
> the members are keywords

PR: https://github.com/atilaneves/dpp/pull/213
Status: Merged.

> ---Bug #2---
> The fixFields() method doesn't work when multiple structs have 
> a field (of type pointer to struct) which needs renaming

PR: https://github.com/atilaneves/dpp/pull/214
Status: Merged.

> ---Bug #3---
> Some code is translated to enum BLA = 6LLU;
> LLU is not valid in D (LL needs to be changed to L).

PR: https://github.com/atilaneves/dpp/pull/215
Status: Need to add unit test.

> ---Bug #4---
> An enum is initialized with a value of 68719476704, which 
> produces this:
> Error: cannot implicitly convert expression 68719476704L of 
> type long to int

PR: https://github.com/atilaneves/dpp/pull/217
Status: AppVeyor build fails (on Windows 32-bit), will look into 

> ---Bug #5---
> Again regarding C11 anon records: in its output, dpp writes 
> "const(_Anonymous_55) version_;", and this conflicts with the 
> accessor functions' name for a struct field. I will try to 
> figure out the reason why dpp adds that declaration in the 
> first place and fix this (most probably another renaming issue).

PR: https://github.com/atilaneves/dpp/pull/216
Status: Just need to add a comment and after that probably done.

As for the rest of the issues, I'm still debugging and trying to 
figure out how to reproduce some of them on smaller examples.

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