Whats holding ~100% D GUI back?

Robert M. Münch robert.muench at saphirion.com
Thu Nov 21 21:46:08 UTC 2019

On 2019-11-19 22:57:47 +0000, aberba said:

> ... Whats happening now? What's holding 100% D GUI back?

Nothing, so why don't you do one?

We are developing a GUI framework in D for our product. But, the 
framework is only a menas to an end. And, the focus is on the stuff we 
need, not to create a ready-to-use-everyone-will-love-it framework.

I bet the ratio is 1:50 for dev-power:feedback-power for such projects 
in the public => If you want to get things done, you need to do it in a 
small closed group.

If you want to go public, you need to have a level that others can take 
it and use it. Otherwise you are wasting a lot of capacity with a lot 
of wishes but low support.

Anyway, here is a shor teaser:


Mihgt not look like a lot, but everything is already working, so 
focusing on more basic widgets. And after this we do decoration (a bit) 
and BTW we can do font rendering too already.

Robert M. Münch
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