Dub and '1.2.3' type version tags

mipri mipri at minimaltype.com
Tue Nov 26 04:16:39 UTC 2019

On Tuesday, 26 November 2019 at 04:05:39 UTC, Jesse Phillips 
> But I'm really confused what side you are arguing.

dub requires version tags to have a 'v' prefix to semver
versions. semver has never required this, and still does not
require it.  What has changed with version 2.0 is that semver
documents the practice of having a 'v'. Incidentally semver's
website also follows this practice.

So actually, nothing important for dub has changed with version
2 of semver, contrary to the suggestion of this thread that dub
follow suit with some change in semver.

The question can still be: should dub drop this requirement.

Of the requirement itself, I wouldn't mind either way. What's
more important to me is that dub be actively maintained. On
balance, between "tools (what tools?) become slightly more
inconsistent for a while" or "dub doesn't get important updates
because people see that even trivial updates like this one
can't get done", I want the important updates.

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