Dub and '1.2.3' type version tags

bachmeier no at spam.net
Tue Nov 26 10:23:04 UTC 2019

On Tuesday, 26 November 2019 at 07:23:08 UTC, FeepingCreature 

> I think a large part of the problem is that dub is effectively 
> unmaintained. To be honest, as soon as I saw one person 
> disagreeing I groaned and thought to myself "great, I'll never 
> get this in now." My impression is that as things stand, dub is 
> in "maintenance mode" - which effectively means that dub 
> changes can only be merged in the presence of perfect 
> consensus. Who has responsibility over dub? Who "owns" the 
> code? Who can decide what goes in and what stays out in the 
> absence of perfect agreement? Who can we appeal to with our 
> usecases? By my impression, there is no such person, and this 
> presents a severe flaw in the D ecosystem.

When I've visited the repo in the past, I've come away with the 
impression that the project is dead. I just commented on a couple 
of bug reports that should be closed. It's unlikely that there 
will even be a response to my comments. I could have just as well 
posted on an IRC channel where I'm the only participant. This is 
an embarrassing situation for the language.

It's time to move on from Dub. The D community is at this stage 
not capable of supporting such an ambitious project. Heck, we 
can't even provide real documentation, and that alone drives 
people away. We should as much as possible use infrastructure 
provided by other open source projects and worry about making the 
minor customizations needed to get it to work for our needs.

Some will say Dub works for them. Some will proclaim that it is a 
great piece of work. Nothing prevents them from continuing to use 
Dub to build simple D-only projects. There is no chance Dub will 
ever be a general purpose solution. Sometimes it's best to admit 
defeat and move on.

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