Advent of bugfixes

berni44 dlang at
Fri Nov 29 09:14:42 UTC 2019

It's sort of an advent calendar. And it's an experiment.

In an effort to do some cleaning on bugzilla, I'll try to remove 
at least one bugreport every day during advent. And I would be 
happy if some of you would like to join this effort. :-)

It's a little bit more about these bugs, that aren't really bugs: 
Bugreports, that are allready fixed but still open, invalids, 
obvious wontfixes, enhancements that are wrongly marked as bugs 
and bugs that belong to a different component. In most cases, 
fixing these is simple but helps to do some cleanup on bugzilla.

Next to these, there are the real bugs (reported or not). While 
it is wonderful if they are removed, for the sake of the advent 
calender they are a little bit difficult, because fixing them 
requires a review process which will take some days and might 
even end up in not being accepted at all. Anyway, such fixes are 
welcome too, of course.

I've set up a cron job, which collects the removed bugreports 
once a day (only bugzilla), so I can post the advances here every 
day. (Currently there are 2601 bugreports counted.)

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