Nim programming language finally hit 1.0

bachmeier no at
Tue Oct 1 09:33:46 UTC 2019

On Tuesday, 1 October 2019 at 05:35:22 UTC, Ecstatic Coder wrote:
> I'm convinced his huge amount of effort should have been spent 
> on making D a better Go/Crystal/etc.
> As I said earlier, I *REALLY* wanted to implement Cyclone, my 
> CQL/SQL script runner in D.
> The problem is it was SO MUCH easier to do it in Go, despite is 
> EXTREMELY limited compared to an object oriented language like 
> D : no genericity, no parametric polymorphism, no virtual 
> inheritance, etc.
> But the language and its standard library provides ALL the 
> building blocks you need to implement web servers (coroutines, 
> HTTP, etc), and the official CQL/SQL database drivers are 
> complete, optimized, well maintained and used extensively.
> As I already said, it takes you just a few very simple lines of 
> code to implement this script runner in Go, because you can 
> clearly see that the language itself was designed especially 
> for that : manage efficiently HTTP and database connections.

But none of this is in any way related to Walter. This is not 
Walter's area. No matter how many times anyone writes it on the 
mailing list, Walter will not be writing web servers or database 

Your complaint, as written, is a complaint to nobody. This is not 
a corporation making decisions on where to spend developer time. 
It is a volunteer project. Sure, you can vent on the mailing 
list, but you don't have anyone to be the target of your anger. 
It's ultimately 100% wasted electrons unless you have a proposal 
to go along with it that will result in the work getting it done.

"D should do X" posts do not have any value unless they go a step 
further to suggest a solution beyond "someone else should do all 
the work". That is simply reality. Did you even put together a 
proposal for GSoC or SAoC?

It's easy to generate ideas of what some mythical developer 
should do. It's much harder to actually make it happen.

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