Nim programming language finally hit 1.0

Chris wendlec at
Tue Oct 1 10:43:24 UTC 2019

On Tuesday, 1 October 2019 at 10:05:31 UTC, Ola Fosheim Grøstad 
> On Tuesday, 1 October 2019 at 08:47:19 UTC, Chris wrote:
>> 1. Walter admits that D only caters for a few users with very 
>> specific use cases (niches).
> Which niches are these?
> My impression is that D primarily caters for users that want 
> the feature-set of C++, but find C++ to be too inconvenient or 
> complicated.

Look at the companies listed here:

and the posters who say "everything's great" often work for one 
of those companies. and Symmetry come to mind. It's 
mostly real time (e.g. Funkwerk, sociomantic) and high throughput 
stuff ( etc.). It's mostly cloud / server based (that's 
why mobile is regarded unimportant). This is perfectly fine, if 
that's what D wants, but please be clear about it.

I think what puts people off is that D is advertised as a general 
purpose "best language in the world", but is in fact a special 
interest niche language. Imo, it's this dishonesty that is at the 
heart of a lot of discontent and rants on this forum, and 
misunderstandings. Of course, an engineer who works on cloud 
based real time systems will not (care to) understand the 
frustrations of a team that wants to make their D program 
available on Android and iOS. If you look at the list of 
organizations above, it makes perfect sense why certain aspects - 
that any modern language needs nowadays - are neglected: mobile 
(cf. mostly cloud based users), proper tooling (cf. carefully 
crafted internal tooling in each organization).

It calls my attention, though, that at Mercedes-Benz R&D "D is 
used for software development tools." Apparently, they're not yet 
convinced, and if you look at the other organizations above, they 
can afford to use a highly specialized, exotic language like D, 
because they're not too big and use it for very specific tasks. 
But once things get bigger, e.g. Mercedes-Benz, the company 
starts to tread more carefully.

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