mysql-native dub issue

Hampus hampros2 at
Wed Oct 2 04:11:36 UTC 2019

I want to use the mysql-native library but I get this error every 
time I try to add it as a dependency

PS C:\Users\hrtz\Desktop\dffdhdfh> dub init
Package recipe format (sdl/json) [json]:
Name [dffdhdfh]:
Description [A minimal D application.]:
Author name [hrtz]:
License [proprietary]:
Copyright string [Copyright © 2019, hrtz]:
Add dependency (leave empty to skip) []: mysql-native
Adding dependency mysql-native ~>2.3.0
Add dependency (leave empty to skip) []:
Successfully created an empty project in 
Package successfully created in .
PS C:\Users\hrtz\Desktop\dffdhdfh> dub run
Could not resolve configuration for package dffdhdfh
PS C:\Users\hrtz\Desktop\dffdhdfh>

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