Nim programming language finally hit 1.0

JN 666total at
Wed Oct 2 07:20:00 UTC 2019

On Tuesday, 1 October 2019 at 22:18:05 UTC, Rel wrote:
> It is kinda strange to see, how discussion went from "Nim 
> hitting 1.0" to "what I dislike about D" in a matter of few 
> posts. Obviously programming languages are tools and there is 
> no ideal programming language. D is opinionated like many other 
> languages, the design and most of the compiler work is mainly 
> done by few core members of the team. While I think it would be 
> nice to have Rust's automatic memory management at compile time 
> or Go's awesome standard library or Zig's error handling 
> enforcement in D, in reality core members won't be available to 
> keep up with all new trends in programming languages. You don't 
> have to use D for everything, use D for stuff that D fits 
> nicely. Or go make D3 with all the features you like (you can 
> use D2 to bootstrap the compiler, use LLVM as a backend and 
> etc).

No one claims that. The general idea expressed in this thread is 
that D isn't opinionated enough. Would it be nice to have those 
features? Depends on the person. Personally I don't care much 
about Rust's memory management or Zig's error handling. I don't 
mind GC. But there are people here who do, and for them it could 
be appealing.

As for D3 with all the features you like, I'd rather see D3 with 
half the features :)

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