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On 02/10/2019 15:27, Dukc via Digitalmars-d wrote:
> On Wednesday, 2 October 2019 at 09:26:56 UTC, materus wrote:
>> C# works so what's preventing D to work?
> If you mean Bridge.NET[1], well, nothing in theory. Bridge.NET
> essentially implements .NET runtime library in JavaScript, and
> translates C# to it. Nothing would prevent implementing a D compiler
> that does the same to D -indeed, it would likely be easier thanks to
> lighter runtime library. But still, you'd need a lot of manpower
> -Bridge.NET has a company behind it, not just freetime volunteers.
> Bridge.NET is the main tool behind my commercial project, with some
> parts written in Spasm.
> I feel that while the C# transpiler is excellent work and very useful,
> the challenge of doing a specialized JavaScript transpiler shows. It
> often has worse error messages than D compilers for errors of similar
> complexity, and you do run into a codegen bug every now and then.
> Also, the runtime library isn't completely implemented, and there are
> not very good docs about what's implemented and what's not. When you
> consider how mature language C# is, this speaks a lot IMO.
> 1: surely.

Mark Rousell

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