Nim programming language finally hit 1.0

Chris wendlec at
Thu Oct 3 13:44:09 UTC 2019

On Thursday, 3 October 2019 at 13:35:09 UTC, mipri wrote:
> Let's go through this piece by piece:
>   The rhetorical value of hyperbolic language like this
> I'm guessing this what you replied to.
>   is that it's so rare in these forums.
> Do you agree with that?
>   Everyone's just so peppy and ra-ra about D all the time
> Do you think anyone would perceive the forums this way?
>   it's very startling to see any dissent.
> Did you think anyone would be startled by your remarks?
> To put it plainly, the forums are characterized by a constant 
> drone of
> hyperbolic complaints about D and even a week of exposure is 
> enough
> time to start tuning it out automatically. I don't read "D has 
> an
> atrocious ecosystem" and think, oh no, someone had better do 
> something
> about that! Nor do I feel that I should get in front of this 
> unjust
> attack on D's honor. What I think is, "if I ask this person 
> what he
> even means by that, is he even going to tell me?"
> You didn't, but I reckon it's option #1 after all:

Er, I've raised some issues, as have others over the years. I 
don't know what your problem is. I'm not trying to shock or 
troll. But I think it's ok to talk about D on 
Ain't it? And I'm learning interesting things and it's 
interesting to hear what other people (not the fanboys and those 
with a vested interest) say. True, I'm not a fan of how things 
have developed, but who cares?

If you wanna be sarcastic, try to be less obscure. That might 
help. Good look to you!

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