Nim programming language finally hit 1.0

mipri mipri at
Thu Oct 3 18:52:44 UTC 2019

On Thursday, 3 October 2019 at 18:09:06 UTC, Chris wrote:
> You do realize that it was you who hijacked this thread about
> Nim and tried to turn it into a flamewar with ad hominems
> galore.

No, I don't realize that. I very kindly wrote my exact 
of what happened here in the timeline that you quoted, in the 
that you're replying to. You offered some remarks about D in this
thread about Nim and I asked about them. Suppose you'd just 
the question?  Suppose you'd even just said "eh I can't be arsed,
just search the forum." All of my replies, past the first one, 
been to your insults.

Do you not wonder if you might be hijacking the thread with your 
insults? Please, wonder a little bit about it.

> Also, if you find Ola's reply "offensive", seriously,

What do you mean 'if'? I wasn't subtle about why I found it
offensive.  I emphasized that though as it seems to have not even
occurred to him that I might've gotten annoyed with you for any
reason other than "you are still not sugarcoating your views as 
wanted". That's all.

> Again, I wish you good luck.

Twice while preparing this reply it was clear to me that you'd 
not bothered to read what I'd said earlier, or to take it 
Over the course of a very short conversation, that's three 
strikes. I
probably won't remember not to waste further words on you, so if 
mean any kindness with these wishes, please keep the luck and just
read my actual words next time.

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