[SAoC] 'DPP with Linux kernel headers' Project Thread

Cristian Becerescu cristian.becerescu at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 4 16:38:52 UTC 2019

Sorry for not updating this thread in a while.
I've managed to do some progress on this project, but from now on 
I'll have more time, considering I finished my internship.

Here are some updates and things I found out during those weeks:

1. Yes, as Atila said, I can pass flags to clang through dpp by 
using --clang-option. The only inconvenience with this is that 
every clang flag needs to be preceeded by a --clang-option flag 
(this becomes unmanageable when dealing with tens of compiler 
flags, e.g. for compiling kernel headers).

This is not a problem which affects the capabilities of d++, but 
it impacts the ease of use and increases the chances of 
mistyping, forgetting to add the flag or adding it in a wrong 

Solution #1 would be defining arraySep="," so that the getOpt() 
function (used for parsing the command line) could accept 
multiple flags at once for clang-options: 

Solution #2 could be providing a string containing all clang 
options: --clang-options "-D__KERNEL__ -Werror -Wextra", which 
would be more convenient when copy-pasting flags from the kernel 
build files.

2. The LLVM compiler infrastructure doesn't yet support the 'asm 
goto' gcc extension.

I encountered this problem while trying to compile a simple, 
empty main C program which #included linux/namei.h.
If the kernel is built with CONFIG_JUMP_LABEL and 
CC_HAVE_ASM_GOTO set, using clang will not work (for details, see 
asm/compiler.h, asm/compiler_types.h, asm/compiler-gcc.h, 
asm/compiler-clang.h). There is a macro (asm_volatile_goto(x)) 
used in asm/jump_label.h which is declared in asm/compiler-gcc.h, 
but not in asm/compiler-clang.h (asm/jump_label.h includes one of 
the two, but always uses the macro, even though in one of the 
included files the macro is not defined). Undefining 
CC_HAVE_ASM_GOTO (or just not defining it with -D...) when 
compiling the .c file worked.

The motivation of debugging this was to first make sure that I 
can compile a .c file (containing a kernel header) using clang, 
so that then, when I compile a .dpp file using d++ (and clang 
internally) and get errors, I know that there are problems 
withing dpp and not clang.

3. After making sure clang worked with the above .c program, I 
tried compiling the .dpp one with the same clang options preceded 
by --clang-option. This currently does not work, as clang reports 
some "undeclared identifier" and other syntax errors which I'll 
have to dig into deeper to understand whether it's a problem with 
the way the flags are passed to clang or something else.

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