[SAOC] CI Project

Seb seb at wilzba.ch
Sun Oct 6 14:28:55 UTC 2019

On Tuesday, 24 September 2019 at 21:14:51 UTC, Max Haughton wrote:
> Apologies for the delay (Just started university so I haven't 
> had a computer until now).
> The milestones for the project:
> https://gist.github.com/maxhaton/a44b0be7eaa9ee75df598794061fb9a0
> There's not much more to add except for the "Data about D 
> files" section:
> I have laid the groundwork for this, but I don't know what to 
> measure - any suggestions would be appreciated (Examples being 
> the @safety of functions). This is done post-SEMA so any 
> information available to the compiler can be included.

Re integration with CI: I think this is the most important part 
as otherwise people won't be aware of your work.

You can get a build notification triggered via a GitHub webhook 
and then either send a GitHub status check update or send a 
comment. However, I strongly recommend to not implement your own 
GitHub CI, but add it as another project on the Buildkite project 

The only downside is that every time it will run on a different 
agent, so pure time measurements wouldn't work, but it should be 
great for all other stats.

Dlang-bot also receives all important web hooks and already sends 
a comment to every PR (+ has the permission to send status 
updates), so this might be another helpful place for your 

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