berni44 dlang at d-ecke.de
Tue Oct 8 12:09:04 UTC 2019

I've got the feeling, it's time to say "Hello" to you.

I started lerning D about 3 years ago and jumped arround here 
every now and then. As my accounts had different user names and 
emails this started to feel a little bit chaotic. So I've got 
unified this now, using only berni44 everywhere (44 is hexcode of 
D). Before this I used mainly berni and crocopaw.

As I like D and the community here, I'd like to contribute 
somehow, and I think, the best place, where I can do so, is 
removing bugs from Phobos (and hopefully not introducing to much 
new one). I started with some PRs in the last few weeks and it 
felt good for me (although I made some beginners mistakes).

And some more words about me: I'm German, living in Hilden, a 
small town next to the Neandertal. I started programming, when I 
was about 10 years old with C64 Basic and learned several other 
programming languages later (Assembler (C64 and 486), Pascal, 
Java, PHP to name some of them). I studied math and computer 
science and since 15 years I've been working as a professional 
puzzle author, preparing logical puzzles for magazines and 

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