Static linking D apps for distribution to the cloud, etc.

Adam D. Ruppe destructionator at
Wed Oct 9 01:29:59 UTC 2019

On Wednesday, 9 October 2019 at 01:10:23 UTC, David J Kordsmeier 
> as well as the http2 (from arsd) option.

So let me warn you ahead of time that my http2.d still has an 
outside dependency: OpenSSL. And that can sometimes be tricky as 
openssl broke binary compatibility between 1.1 and 1.0. I was 
planning on making it dynamically load that to work around it :S

so your -static build MIGHT work just I'm not sure. TLS/SSL is 
one of the few things I don't DIY and feel a third-party 
dependency is justified on, I just try to make it seamless and... 
it usually works on Linux but not always.

Helper switches: -version=older_openssl if you get linker errors 
and have 1.0 on the system or -version=newer_openssl if you get 
linker errors and have 1.1 on.

I *have* statically linked OpenSSL with this library before so I 
know it works, just I also had to jump through a few hoops to 
make it work. However I was on Windows then so Linux might be 
easier... or might be harder. I don't know. but if it does work 
that also gives a nice way around the 1.0/1.1 problem!

if you do try it lemme know how it goes plz.

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