Feedback on Átila's Vision for D

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Wed Oct 16 09:51:25 UTC 2019

On Tuesday, 15 October 2019 at 13:09:15 UTC, Mike Parker wrote:
> This thread is for general feedback and discussion regarding 
> Átila's blog post on his vision for D's future.

Thanks to Mike and Atila. This is refreshing to hear. All the 
goals are superb. They are really well thought of and D deserves 
such push and prominence.

To make D the default implementation language, D must cover in 
addition to the stated goals.

(1) Desktop-A easy to use and easily customizable GUI toolkit D. 
JavaFX can be posted to D. I am aware of gtkd and dlangui. I have 
try them but still lacking e.g I do I center windom 
programmatically on screen?

(2)web- we have vibe.d already. Can we have a web framework that 
is ease and provide high performance like Go

(3)mobile-effort is already on but we need the ease of java and 

(4) Data science and AI-framework just like python. Although 
python can be easily call from D


The best tooling of D on windows is code-d and visualD.This is 
also DLS onwindow. D needs to have strong support on all major 
IDE like IntelliJ, NetBeans, vs code, visual studio, and eclipse. 
There is D support for IntelliJ and eclipse but still really 
lacking. Vs code and visual studio has D support that is really 
doing well. I commend the effort of those behind it

               Great Community

One of the biggest problem of the D language is harmony of the 
community. For all I have seen in this community thus far is 
fragile unity and singleness of purpose. People do what they like 
and there is good reason for that since they are not paid.

The solution is to assemble a community around each of the goal 
of D to ensure that such goal are realize in good time. A people 
skill is needed here. I think Atila is not doing bad on that. 
Each of the goals should have a person heading it. It is possible.

Strong harmony must be ensure in the D community if we must have 
these goals. Recently I have seen greater level of harmony 
especially in the recent DIP on shared.

     Money through donations

We can them raise money through donations to fund some of these 

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