Feedback on Átila's Vision for D

aberba karabutaworld at
Wed Oct 16 21:20:34 UTC 2019

On Wednesday, 16 October 2019 at 10:09:14 UTC, rikki cattermole 
> On 16/10/2019 10:51 PM, GreatSam4sure wrote:
>> (1) Desktop-A easy to use and easily customizable GUI toolkit 
>> D. JavaFX can be posted to D.
> Recently I have been working on widget rendering as a 
> requirements gathering process for the graphics workgroup 
> (informal, on Discord).
> Sadly we are a bit resource constrained as the experts on 
> things like color and graphics pipelines (aka Manu and with 
> that Ethan) are a bit busy most of the year and its not a small 
> task. So not much to show as of now, hence no public 
> announcement.

I believe someone here was working on Color and Windowing. Was 
previously called Divisualization on GitHub. I think GUI is one 
of the pressing needs for a killer App and enterprise 
adoption...native apps.

Tilix is said to be the D killer app due to GUI. D need a GUI. 
Whatever we can scrap off DlangUI and the existing ones to build 
a modern GUI toolkit is worth it.

GTK is great as a GUI toolkit especially with the use of CSS for 
styling, UI markup/xml/json-like support and modern smart 
layouts. Very basic and flexible to powerful theming with CSS. 
Only issue is its not cross platform by design...and its C.

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