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On Wed, 2019-10-16 at 16:42 +0000, Rumbu via Digitalmars-d wrote:
> Summary (community profile/expectations/disappointments):
> - Desktop applications as main area of development;

Works for me. GtkD is great.

> - Linux as preferred operating system;

This has to be wrong. Despite Linux being The Right OS™, Windows and macOS are
the market leaders and must be a strong focus. Of course this makes GtkD less
appealing. :-(

> - Dub as building tool;

Or Meson, SCons, etc.

> - Visual Studio Code as main editor;

Along with Emacs, VIM, CLion, Visual Studio. Restricting to one editor is to
turn away large numbers of potential users.

> - Missing language features (tuples, named arguments, string 
> interpolation)
> - Phobos is not intuitive
> - @nogc phobos
> - json serialization;
> - missing phobos important modules;

Phobos modules that should be deprecated and removed with severe prejudice.

> - poor compiler error messages;
> - poor debugging experience;

Hence me wanting CLion support. Debugging C++ and Rust in CLion is as close to
fun as it is possible to get in the activity of debugging.

> - @safe is expected to be default;
> - not enough third party libraries;
> - lack of progress on DIPs;
> - ranges are the best;
> - spaces, not tabs :)

Philistine. Of course tabs are for indent, one per level. Emacs and CLion can
set the tab indent spacing as you want.

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