Feedback on Átila's Vision for D

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Thu Oct 17 14:19:21 UTC 2019

On Thursday, 17 October 2019 at 09:13:17 UTC, Ola Fosheim Grøstad 

> Get real. Most programmers never read forums.
When I was in university I was invited to student organization. 
Because they had event recently they had beer kegs that need to 
be emptied before returning to company. So in the first meeting 
that I joined we drunk beer and it was free for me. Needles to 
say after such experiance me and a friend of mine joined that 
student organization. While in that organization I learned how 
important is motivation in organizations. Even if you pay your 
workers its still very important to keep them motivated and in 
volunteer based ones its the only thing you have. Because its so 
important we even traveled to other country for courses on 
motivation. I still remember some of it. You would say something 
like participating in student organisation you will acquire 
useful skills for future jobs and that you can put this on CV. I 
am saying all of this is because you completely missed the point 
I was raising. Its important how new people coming to this 
community are being welcomed/treated and their experiences. The 
story about student organization would have been different if 
there were no free beer and it was awful experience.

> But yeah, going ad hominem (like you just did)
To describe something as ad hominem you need two things:
1. There needs to be a response to a point opponent made. So a 
2. Its needs to be personal insult.
My post contained neither of them.

> I've in the past, time and time again, seen very knowledgable 
> people who obviously have a background in CS go silent after 
> being hit over the head with a stick.
Yes thats why I raised that issue. Some people have higher 
tolerance to negative emotion and some dont. The same situation 
can be ok or intolerable to different people so its better to be 
on safe side and not creating negative emotions for no good 

> What has been marketed as D's front-and-center has changed over 
> time and therefore people come to it with very different 
> expectations. Which makes things more contentious.

I would argue that there were no marketing.

> Many discussions seem to struggle with this. Is D an 
> alternative to C++ or is it in alternative to Python?
> It cannot be both, yet it is, and is not, so that is basically 
> an inherent struggle that cannot be resolved.
> Thus this social dynamic will linger on...
I have noticed this thing too. There are ideas that are 
widespread and they hurt D's adoption. There is idea that there 
needs to be different tool for the job or false dichotomy of low 
level and high level languages. Do I need to mention GC?

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