Feedback on Átila's Vision for D

Chris wendlec at
Fri Oct 18 10:44:39 UTC 2019

On Thursday, 17 October 2019 at 20:11:58 UTC, Guillaume Piolat 
> On Thursday, 17 October 2019 at 19:49:55 UTC, welkam wrote:
>> I really dont enjoy that kind of conversation.
> Hello welkam,
> here is a pro tip: just don't engage in a conversation with Ola 
> and Chris.
> Here is some helpful context: 
> Chris is of the same ilk and they will defend each other when 
> pointed out for what they are.

That's interesting, I was just gonna tell you that Ola and me 
would have fierce arguments in the past and that you are lying 
(yes!) by saying that I've only been on this forum to disparage 
D. The exact opposite is true. In the past I was enthusiastic 
about D and it was the best choice for me (I think I started with 
dmd 2.051), there was no other language that fit the bill so 
perfectly and the software I created with it is still in use 
today _and_ makes people happy. I'm grateful for it. I 
contributed a little to D and even donated some money. However, 
in 2017 (just like Rumbu) it had become too frustrating to use D, 
the language had been tossed around so many times 
(Go/Rust/Functional must have now!), basic issues were not 
addressed (`autodecode`), old users were being ignored and D had 
become a nerdy CS Theory debating club. Vibe.d would break with 
every dmd update, old code would be broken on a whim for some 
FancyAllocatorBestContainerEver and and and ... and the 
arrogance, the increasing arrogance of the leadership, Walter, I 
have to say, was no longer the Walter I had known from my early 
D-days (pardon the pun). D was heading everywhere and nowhere at 
the same time. I had to stop using it - and you know what. I did 
not regret it. I became more productive, more relaxed about the 
code (i.e. won't break tomorrow because of FancyAllocator) and 
I've been able to develop software that has paid off. I just 
couldn't wait for D to catch up with reality.

> They are also _good_ debaters, having devoted their life to 
> being right on Internet forums of languages they don't use, and 
> don't like.

Used to use, used to like.

> Who does that kind of thing? Not people with a lot of 
> achievements. Your annoying conversation is joy for them. When 
> they are dead, noone will remember anything they have created 
> or done.

Can you actually, for once, MAKE A POINT FOR D and not against 
me? Is it so hard to say why D is the best choice for you? What 
are you afraid of. Investors? Clients? Failure? I've told you why 
I left D, why do think it's the best language?

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