On Forum Moderation

Andre Pany andre at s-e-a-p.de
Sat Oct 19 15:38:13 UTC 2019

On Saturday, 19 October 2019 at 12:59:40 UTC, Mike Parker wrote:
> From the time I first visited the D newsgroups in 2003 until 
> now, it has always been an open forum. Heated discussions have 
> always popped up from time to time, but rarely has there been 
> the need to ban anyone. Since I joined the moderation team, 
> I've been following the loose policy that Walter has always 
> espoused, which is something along the lines of "maintain 
> professional decorum".
> [...]

We can't lock it for the mailing list or nttp access but we can 
implement some small functionality to lock it from the web access 
and that should already solve the problem.

But I am convinced we need not only a modern forum software but a 
community software if we want to build a big, great and healthy 

Kind regards

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