Can compilation times not be sped up any further?

Brett Brett at
Sat Oct 19 21:56:44 UTC 2019

I have a huge code base... it seems D likes to recompile 
everything every time from scratch. I realize there are ways to 
fix this but can't D go a step further?

Much of the code does not change. D has to compile a file per 
file basis.

Could D not just has the file in such a way as to reuse parts of 
previous compilations?

e.g., each function in the file could be hashed and if no changes 
are made then previous code generation is used.

There should be absolutely no reason a function, specially pure 
functions have to be regenerated every compilation.

By proper hashing design one should be able to almost limit 
compilation to only the changes that matter.

If a file, module, package does not change it should not be 
recompiled but reused. If a file's internals do not change in 
specific ways then they too generally can be used.

This would probably not be too complex of a problem if integrated 
in with D's parser. Each node in the AST is associated with a 
hash of the text(or it could be the AST node itself in some way 
but the text should do).

All code blocks need to determine what escapes and the object 
code should express those escapes in some way so they can be 
fixed up(which is basically global references and potential meta 
changes). If the compiler monitors and records this stuff proper 
then most of the work is already done.

Then it is just a matter of reading in the object code at the 
right time to replace the old code.

While we can compile to individual object files this requires 
user interaction. I am thinking of D having one large file that 
contains all the info that it can use to reduce compilation times 
by reusing information rather than regenerating. Files that do 
not change text and have do not escape references do not have to 
be recompiled. The compiler itself should handle this, not the 
user. For individual files that do change, a more granular 
approach is used. This requires every object file to also include 
the granularity though for maximum speed.

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