Re: Feedback on Átila's Vision for D

Walter Bright newshound2 at
Sun Oct 20 05:43:52 UTC 2019

On 10/19/2019 4:38 PM, aliak wrote:
> Plus, IIRC dmd is a prime example where splitting is not happening because 
> of "reasons".

dmd was originally developed as a C++ program, which did not have modules. Hence 
its organization is not the D module system best practices, and it isn't really 
fair to hold it as an example of D best practices.

I don't think Phobos is a great example of module best practices, either, but 
that is somewhat forgivable because Phobos was designed long before we knew what 
D best practices should be. (In particular, Phobos tends to lump too many 
unrelated things into each module.)

In D, declarations are grouped into a module that would otherwise need "friend" 
access if it were developed in C++.

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