Feedback on Átila's Vision for D

Meta jared771 at
Mon Oct 21 12:34:14 UTC 2019

On Sunday, 20 October 2019 at 20:41:01 UTC, Exil wrote:
> Sure, one can argue that it's not a bug, auto-decoding isn't a 
> bug, in fact it was very much intentional. But I think we'd all 
> be better off without it. The way it is implemented can lead to 
> bugs quite easily. Since it picks whichever one based on order.

Show me a concrete example. Also, there is no "picking" of which 
interface method is implemented. Both are implemented by the same 

> None of this is obvious.

I agree. I was surprised as well when I first learned about this, 
but that doesn't mean it's incorrect.

> Rationale like your's is why the bug reports like this one 
> remain open for 9+ years and it never gets fixed. It's not a 
> bug it's a feature! Therefore any change is an enhancement and 
> requires a DIP.

There's this other language called Java that you may have heard 
of, that does things the exact same way, and the many millions of 
programmers that use that language seem to have no issue with 
this behaviour. I've already agreed that it would be worth having 
a way to write a different implementation for different 
interfaces with the same method, but that is the very 
*definition* of an enhancement.

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