How to continue work on

berni44 dlang at
Wed Oct 23 14:54:20 UTC 2019

On Wednesday, 23 October 2019 at 09:31:04 UTC, Walter Bright 
>> Some minor stuff, like path traversal attacks, remains though.
> How about nailing all that stuff? Then you can put in the 
> documentation for, with links to the zip bomb problems, 
> that doesn't have those problems.
> There's no reason not to do an that's better than 
> anyone else's, especially when the problems are known.

That's the plan (I have to wait for stable to be remerged back 
into master though, because there's been a regression fix). I 
thought of first implementing everything and going for 
documentation later, but meanwhile I think, I could do the 
documentation stuff in parallel with implementing, starting 
(which can be done immediately) with the idea of an overview 
table at the top, like Jonathan M. Davis suggests. Currently, 
this would only mention zip-bombs and chameleon-files. But with 
every further fix it can be extended.

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