On Forum Moderation

welkam wwwelkam at gmail.com
Wed Oct 23 21:23:15 UTC 2019

Please dont use the term troll here. Its poorly defined, can mean 
different things to different people and depends on intent of the 
poster. We should not care about intent when moderating and only 
care about effect of the message.

Second philosophical debates about censorship while interesting 
would only muddy the waters and distracts from what needs to be 

The problem is that some people here constantly degrading 
discourse by derailing conversations, bringing up topics that 
were beaten to death without providing nothing new, directly or 
indirectly calling/treating others like an idiots, increasing 
negativity without any benefit. We need to stop this kind of 
behavior and do not let few people to lover the level of this 

My suggestion is to threat this the same way as legal system 
threats harassment. In legal system harassment is not described 
as specific thing that has been done but as a pattern of 
behavior. If you have been called names by a person its not 
harassment but if you are being called names everyday by the same 
person then its harassment. So if a person does a drive by 
posting of D sucks no action is needed but if the person keeps 
posting the same thing over and over a disciplinary action needs 
to be taken. My suggestion would be to issue a warning first and 
if nothing changes do a temporary ban from posting. If nothing 
changes a permaban is needed.

Things to not do:
- Do not delete posts and threads of new people complaining about 
D. While they usually do not contain any good ideas or anything 
that we already didnt know they do provide a way to know 
painpoint that users experiance.
-Do not overmoderate oftopic posts. Even if a person was deemed 
to constantly derail conversation and disciplinary action was 
taken his/her post should not be removed.

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