Programming language for GIMP fork's rewrite

Guillaume Piolat contact at
Mon Sep 2 12:06:48 UTC 2019

On Sunday, 1 September 2019 at 21:58:28 UTC, Clipsey wrote:
> On Sunday, 1 September 2019 at 21:56:40 UTC, SashaGreat wrote:
>> It would be awesome but reading the thread I'm pretty sure 
>> they will end up with Rust,
>> The currently hype is too strong.
> Nothing is certain yet, the rewrite is still a year~ off from 
> now, The actual choice will be done in the contributor chat. So 
> the issue is more for reference than anything.
> It's p much up to me to convince 2-3 people that D is better 
> choice than rust. When the time comes.

Disclaimer: built a business on D and very happy about it.

Well it's simple, you are creating a heavy-UI type program and D 
has normal support for OO (Java-like), and there is ablog about D 
+ GTK already:

_Subtyping_ is pretty much essential for UI.
This very page has subtyping through CSS.

An editor like GIMP can completely exist with a GC... you're not 
doing it on embedded micro-controllers. I'd be surprise if you 
ever need to go @nogc except on image loaders at times.

D is productive, and has relatively terrible (low-key) marketing 
which should lead the astute observer to correct bias - in order 
to beat the competition.

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