Compiling a mixed D and C++ project?

Eduard Staniloiu edi33416 at
Mon Sep 2 18:00:04 UTC 2019

On Monday, 2 September 2019 at 17:36:20 UTC, Kyle De'Vir wrote:
> On Monday, 2 September 2019 at 16:48:41 UTC, Gregor Mückl wrote:
>> Can you show us the Declaration for SetAppAttributes in C++ 
>> and in D? I suspect a subtle mismatch.
> Yeah, there was. I missed it multiple times, somehow.
> Doesn't resolve the segfaults, though, which I'm close to 
> giving up on.

You could also try to compile the D code into an object and link 
with libdruntime and libphobos, using g++ or what C++ compiler 
you are using

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