[GSoC] 'Independency of D from the C Standard Library' progress and update thread

Stefanos Baziotis sdi1600105 at di.uoa.gr
Thu Sep 5 21:33:37 UTC 2019

On Thursday, 5 September 2019 at 20:16:24 UTC, 12345swordy wrote:
> - It is easier to debug and read in the d langauge then in the 
> c language.
> - I was shown faster memory allocation speed compared to libc.
> - other memory allocator are not part of d langauge standard 
> library.
> Most importantly a yet another disappointed development I seen 
> in regards to the development of the d language.
> - Alex

Sorry, but IMHO, these reasons are not enough for me to start an 
allocator project.
You may want to consider that these reasons are not enough for 
you too and / or
the D community either.

The first one is subjective. Considering that we're part of the D 
most of us would agree. But what is not subjective is how many 
people know
D vs e.g. C, meaning how many people can actually contribute.

For the second, I guess you mean "if you were shown". It's really 
very difficult
to create _and_ maintain a libc all-around equivalent in 
performance (for all
archs etc.). And even then, it probably is not a useful goal. 
Most people will
have the libc available if they care so much about performance.

Maybe a more useful goal would be to create a minimalistic 
allocator, which
is very different. And then you have to think if we actually need 
I had asked a person who was working on WASM, which
would be one target if this moved forward and he told me that he 
do his job using the std.experimental.allocator.

For the third question, I'll reply with a question: So? :)

- Stefanos

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