Color highlighting makes usage of dustmite almost impossible for beginners

Andre Pany andre at
Mon Sep 9 19:44:15 UTC 2019


I am currently facing a compiler error for which I think it is a 
and wanted to use dustmite to reduce the source code:

   source\cp\puzzles\puzzle.d(454,35): Error: need this for name 
of type string

Several parts of the error message are highlighted, e.g. "this" 
and "name" and "string".
I thought I can use dustmite with a compiler regex

   dub dustmite ..\dm --compiler-regex="need this for name of type 

But dustmite fails with "Initial test fails". For a beginner this 
would be
an unsolvable issue. By chance I found out what is causing the 
If you switch off the color, the error message changes to:

   source\cp\puzzles\puzzle.d(454,35): Error: need `this` for 
`name` of type `string`

Therefore you have to use this command

   dub dustmite ..\dm --compiler-regex="need `this` for `name` of 
type `string`"

If the backticks are just a helper tool for marking the parts 
which should be highlighted I would propose to remove them in the 
none colored output.

What do you think?

Kind regars

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