DIP 1021--Argument Ownership and Function Calls--Final Review

Exil Exil at gmall.com
Fri Sep 20 01:55:22 UTC 2019

On Thursday, 19 September 2019 at 20:34:47 UTC, Walter Bright 
> It's like how the first intercontinental railroad was built. It 
> was all quick-and-dirty, slap dash, unsafe, and ramshackle. It 
> was also built entirely with muscle. But once it was done, and 
> trains could be run on it, suddenly it was incredibly useful, 
> money was coming in, etc., and piece by piece the crappy 
> construction was fixed. It could not have been built otherwise.

Like auto-decoding? A compiler isn't a railroad. You can build 
your implementation without forcing itself into stable/master. If 
you need to build it as quickyl and unsafely as you can, one rail 
at a time and plug the holes as you find them. Fine, that sounds 
extremely *unstable*. You can do that without integrating it into 

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