VIbe.d / Hunt / Actix

WebFreak001 at
Sat Sep 21 19:36:47 UTC 2019

On Saturday, 21 September 2019 at 19:23:42 UTC, SrMordred wrote:
> I´m starting to research about web frameworks for a future 
> project.
> One of the main focus are on performance.
> So eventually i hit this site 
> And started to compare Vibe.d and Hunt performances (and also 
> another alternatives).
> Vide.d in general are faster than Hunt, but i´m curious about 
> Actix (Rust) which are way faster (up to 10x on some 
> benchmarks).
> And i´m curious , from a technical point of view, how is 
> possible, since i don´t think there are any intrinsic qualities 
> that Rust have that cannot be achieved by D.

I think in the benchmarks it's mostly bottlenecked by the 
database, which is why they improved so much in this round 
because of updates there.

If you look at Plaintext and JSON Serialization (not using DB) 
you can see that while there is potential for improvement, it's 
not as drastic. Vibe.D's MongoDB isn't the most optimized one and 
not really the focus and the Postgres one seems to always be in 
front but also that probably needs improvements.

I think the ones high in these text only benchmarks are the ones 
which extremely optimize for such plaintext cases. You can see 
simply nginx, the high performance load balancer / web server, 
being there with just 50%

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