VIbe.d / Hunt / Actix

Newbie2019 newbie2019 at
Mon Sep 23 04:10:30 UTC 2019

On Saturday, 21 September 2019 at 19:23:42 UTC, SrMordred wrote:
> I´m starting to research about web frameworks for a future 
> project.
> One of the main focus are on performance.
> So eventually i hit this site 
> And started to compare Vibe.d and Hunt performances (and also 
> another alternatives).
> Vide.d in general are faster than Hunt, but i´m curious about 
> Actix (Rust) which are way faster (up to 10x on some 
> benchmarks).
> And i´m curious , from a technical point of view, how is 
> possible, since i don´t think there are any intrinsic qualities 
> that Rust have that cannot be achieved by D.

Vibe.d/Hunt use class/GC/exception. both of the framework use 
runtime interface to implement abstract.

The poor  memory management, and over kill abstract make D slow.

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