[SAoC] MLIR Support for LDC

Stefanos Baziotis sdi1600105 at di.uoa.gr
Wed Sep 25 22:10:47 UTC 2019

On Wednesday, 25 September 2019 at 14:16:36 UTC, Roberto 
Rosmaninho wrote:
> Yeah, I'm trying to understand the code and without some 
> explanation about the files it has been really difficult

There's not been much time since I started contributing to LDC so 
I know
how it feels. Don't hesitate to ask questions! I hope I will be 
able to
provide some feedback if kinke, johan etc. don't have time.

LDC is kind of a beast, with minimal commenting (for my taste), 
so just
stick with it. :)

> this lack of documentation is annoying but certainly, I'd 
> contribute to improving this, I'm on Slack and Gitter just ping 
> me there!

I'm on both Slack and Gitter too, so you can reach me if you have 
any problem.
For now, I think the best things to do if you want to help with 
doc are (these things are the ones I do as well and that require 
minimal effort so they
shouldn't take valuable time):
a) Ask about what you don't understand! It's obvious that to be 
for SAoC, you're good. Meaning, if you don't understand 
something, it's probably
not something that is obvious and / or not something that one 
would understand
easily (or at all) from context. So, IMO, we better add some 
for future contributors like you and me.

b) Whenever you feel you have understood something non-trivial, 
add a clarification
comment. Even if it's wrong, it will be caught in PR review (it's 
better to
actually pinpoint to the comment on github so that reviewers can 
spot it easily
and verify it).

What I plan to do other than those micro-changes is roughly:
a) Add a header description in files.
b) Write some articles describing the architecture of LDC, maybe 
some diagrams
etc. Sort of like the DMD guide, but more visual and extended.

These actions require 2 things that I currently don't have:
a) Knowing more about LDC.
b) Time.

When I get around to do any of what I described, I hope that LDC 
will have the time to review them. In any case, if you feel that 
in the course
of your project, you can provide any contributions in what is 
described above,
be my guest!

Kind regards,
Stefanos Baziotis

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