The Case for Writing Network Drivers in High-Level Programming Languages

RazvanN razvan.nitu1305 at
Thu Sep 26 08:17:14 UTC 2019

Hello all,

I stumbled upon this paper [1] if anyone is interested. They 
implement a network driver (in user space) in 9 different 
languages and compare the results. D is not one of them.

The results show that Rust is very close to C. C# performs 
surprisingly well, but other languages perform poorly. I think 
that D could outperform Rust.

Anyway, I think this opens the door for a publication with Alex 
Militaru's work [2].
He actually ported the driver to D and integrated it into the 
kernel which is a more realistic approach if the kernel would 
ever be transitioned to a different language.

What are your thoughts?

Best regards,



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