Nim programming language finally hit 1.0

Benjiro benjiro at
Sun Sep 29 01:29:59 UTC 2019

On Friday, 27 September 2019 at 15:11:26 UTC, GreatSam4sure wrote:
> The biggest problem to D adoption is this community IMHO. 
> Almost everything here is negative. The community is 95% 
> negative to the language. There are people here that never see 
> anything good about D yet they are here. The community is 
> damaging to D image.
> It is a community that is out to destroy the language. All the 
> hope of me using D has been almost destroyed.

As one of these negative people that from time to time reads up 
on multiple languages forums.

D was one of the first languages after moving away from Web dev, 
that i liked from structure point. Even got the book from Ali.

But ... the more i worked with it, the more frustration, upon 
frustration, upon ... kept creeping in with constant issues.

* Not user friendly tooling ( somewhat improved, took only a few 
years )

* Compiler bugs. O those bugs ...

* Upgrading the compiler resulting in packages ( like vibe.d 
going broke )

* Lacking IDE support ( somewhat improved on Visual Studio Code )

* Lacking in packages to easily get going.

* Constant and frustrating changing direction. BetterC? First get 
BetterD doing and when your a big boy, then do this.

* The feeling off being looked down when suggestion that D is not 
user friendly. Especially in the past you constantly got this as 
a answer: "you have a issue, fix it yourself". Yes, this was the 
constant answer from everybody.

* The snarky and frankly poison comments from regular members. 
Some of those now seem to have left but D really has some members 
that got under anybody their skin for daring to mention a issue.

* Focus upon C++ crowd, when very few C++ developers have any 
interest in D. Hell, if a C++ developer wants to switch, they 
have better alternatives with bigger or better growing 

* A leadership that seems to be stuck in the 1990's mentality. 
The world has moved on, people expect more these days, they have 
choices most old timers did not have. So they are more spoiled 
with those choices and are not going to put in the time. But when 
you ignore those "spoiled" people, you never build up a loyal 
base and you will never motivate them to help out with code or 

You can not run anything worth while with D unless you plan on 
spending a lot of time writing supporting code yourself. Some 
companies have no issue with this but little old me can not be 
bothered with it, when there are plenty of good alternatives that 
get the job done as good.

* I know one of the posters on this forum a bit more personal. We 
have had some discussions about the different compilers. Just as 
he used Go for his personal project, i used Crystal for mine. We 
both found D too much trouble for the advantages it gave.

Its a vicious circle and i know it.

Lack in people / contributors => No Packaging / Bugs / Issues => 
New people scared away => Lack in people / contributors ....

* D just is not sexy. I know D now from 10/2016 ( when i got 
Ali's book. Programming in D ). Loved the book and language 
syntax ( especially if you come from PHP ) but it was all the 
rest that ruined it for me. And over the years D seems to have 
been going down a direction that i hated. New features that had 
no meaning for me, code breaking issues and resources being put 
in features like BetterC, when all i wanted was a god darn simple 
HTTP server that worked and kept working on release updates. And 
more active packages.

* On the subject of Programming in D, i noticed a lot of books 
are old. BetterC, the feature where a lot of resources have gone 
into, seems to be ignored in every book on the market.


To give you a nice example how much of a irritation D can be even 
today. Just right now, i tried to install D on Ubuntu because i 
want to time the current D compile speed, vs a few other 
languages. And i am following the official order ( ):

1. sudo wget 
-O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/d-apt.list
2. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y --allow-unauthenticated 
install --reinstall d-apt-keyring
3. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install dmd-compiler dub

Guess what happens on Step 2.

> Err:7 d-apt 
> InRelease
   The following signatures couldn't be verified because the 
public key is not available:  NO_PUBKEY EBCF975E5BA24D5E

And this issue was posted a LONG time ago.

Yep ... Now try Go, Crystal, Nim, Rust, ... and a lot of other 
languages. I have installed all those dozens of times and a issue 
like simply do not show up or are fixed so fast, that it never 
hits "me". But whenever it involves D, its always one thing or 


Hopefully this explains things from my point of view, where D 
simply fails me personally. Its late so i am off to bed.

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