Issues ... Edition 87

JN 666total at
Sun Sep 29 11:37:16 UTC 2019

On Sunday, 29 September 2019 at 11:23:04 UTC, Benjiro wrote:
> No mention this needs to be run with dub, instead of dmd. 
> Confusing as the other examples are dmd based.

Well, it has shebang line #!/usr/bin/env dub in the beginning. 
You can save it as an executable file on Linux and it will run 
with dub.

> Exactly what a new users wants to see. Not one or two missed 
> issues but a boatload.

Yeah, this looks a bit awkward. Perhaps only first occurence of 
deprecation issues should be showing up.

> Call me crazy but this is why i am a long time proponent that 
> everything http like vibe.d needs to be part of the standard 
> library like other languages have done ( go, crystal etc ) so 
> warnings like this do not show up, as the code is kept in sync 
> with the releases.

vibe.d is a bit too high level for something that would be a part 
of stdlib. We have for bit of the low level stuff. I 
don't think anything higher level should be part of the standard 
library, as long as there is an obvious #1 package to go to when 

> I'll check back in next year to mark my 4 year of finding out 
> about D, and wonder how little this community will have 
> actually changed beyond a few fix me ups. *sigh*...

You're acting a bit spoiled. Outside of donations, there aren't 
any people working on D full-time, so no one owes you anything. 
Languages like Rust have people employed by Mozilla who work 
full-time on it. Paying people is a way to "force" people to work 
on the hard problems that no one would like to touch otherwise. 
Without it, people will work on the stuff they need and the 
itches they need to scratch.

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