Nim programming language finally hit 1.0

drug drug2004 at
Sun Sep 29 13:01:49 UTC 2019

29.09.2019 13:35, Benjiro пишет:
> On Sunday, 29 September 2019 at 07:43:12 UTC, drug wrote:
>> Did you ask people here to help you? You are welcome!
> Thanks for your help* ( See PS below ) but fixing the download was not 
> that hard. But for a new user that tries this, it can just as well been 
> Chinese.
> Its small issues like having a not working download present on the 
> actual official website. It does not matter if its 3th party or not when 
> its posted on the official website.
But I always download dmd from the official site and have no troubles. 
It works out of box. Your example above is a wrong mix of several ways 
to install dmd.

> This is why i mentioned before how there are so many frustrations. Its 
> not just the big issues but the constant small issues that are present 
> everywhere.
>> You are welcome!
> *PS: Next time you write with a exclamation mark, know that this makes 
> your sentence have a totally different meaning and is considered passive 
> aggressive in my region.

Thank you. Good to know because I'm not native English speaker.

> Its little things like this that seems to pop up everywhere in this 
> community on a regular base. The fact that there are no rules of conduct 
> or any kind of oversight is probably the main reason why people see D as 
> negative community. Even places like Reddit that are toxic, have some 
> kind of moderation going on because people will be people.
> D, you want my suggestion? Invest into a proper forum, set up a RoC and 
> actually moderate topics. And yes, i understand the irony as i am 
> posting this off-topic in the Nim Language thread. :)
> This is the first step...

Yeah, before the D comminity consisted of high professional members who 
can develop the language. Now when less professional people start 
appearing here they don't want to implement the features they want by 
themselves and when they hear 'do it yourself' they start complaining 
the community is toxic. Not at all. I do not blame these people of 
course, they are just users of the language not its developer. But it 
would be nice if they understand the situation.

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