Nim programming language finally hit 1.0

Joakim Brännström notfornow at
Sun Sep 29 22:27:40 UTC 2019

On Sunday, 29 September 2019 at 20:39:19 UTC, Ecstatic Coder 
> On Sunday, 29 September 2019 at 01:29:59 UTC, Benjiro wrote:
>> [...]
> +1
> Same for me for everything you said.
> I personally use D only for file processing scripts, first 
> because D is very good at that, but also because this generally 
> (but not always) prevents me from suffering from many of those 
> problems you mentioned.
>> [...]
>> [...]
>> [...]
>> [...]
> Very well summarized...
> I'm a C++ developer myself (even if these days I program mostly 
> in C#), and obviously I'm using D as a better Python/Ruby, not 
> as a better C++.
> And as a "true" C++ alternative, D is far from being the best 
> choice. I'd rather choose Rust, Zig and even Nim for my typical 
> C/C++ use case, despite indeed it's obviously *possible* to use 
> D for that, precisely because I know D's major pain points.
> D being garbage collected, I once hope it would embrace the 
> Go/Crystal wagon of those similar languages which have put 
> their focus on web application developement, so that their base 
> library is providing all the required building blocks 
> (coroutines, http, etc) in such a way we can bery easily build 
> our own web frameworks with just a few lines of code.
> But I now understand that the focus is on "BetterC", not on 
> "BetterGo"...

I'll shim in with some positives. I don't find D lacking in any 
significant way that hinder my work.
I use it both privately and at work with great success.
It has all the tools I need in the language and I like the 
improvements I'm seeing, the direction the language is taking.

The development of D is mostly done by voluteres which mean that 
I am grateful for all their time and work.
I do not expect much in the way of support or that *they* listen 
to me.
In the same way I do not expect it from any other language I use.
The few times I have asked for help there has always been someone 
that can provide it.
Last time it was kinke in fixing an ldc bug (thank you).

// Joakim

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