Running D on Android

Hipreme msnmancini at
Sun Aug 2 12:40:23 UTC 2020

Hey guys, I've been workin into how to build D for Android, for 
some reasons, reading the wiki wasn't really enough for making me 
understand, it took me a couple of days onto how to do that, and 
I really love beginner friendly tutorials, that was my target, 
for making it accessible for anyone who would want to code in D 
for Android, my repo tries to show how to build D for Android, it 
links a bunch of dlang wiki's articles, some useful links from 
android developers too.

There was much and much read before assembling all this 
informataion, it was across about 4 wikis about building, plus a 
many other more wikis on android.

In the second folder on the repo, I show how to use BindBC-SDL 
with D for Android(it is working!)
In the next couple of days, I'll be posting an android project 
template for making building it even easier, although my main 
reasoning to do that is to have a template which integreates with 

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