Documentation error

Flade consolemaster0 at
Tue Aug 4 15:05:42 UTC 2020

Hi everyone! I'm new to D (this is my first post hele) and I was 
just reading the documentation from the beginning and I found an 
error. In the part when it's talking about scoped imports, in the 
second code snippet, there is an error when it's says:
<< writeln("bar"); // calls std.stdio.writeln >>

(it's 8th line if you paste it in an editor). This is actually 
calling the writeln function we have made and not the writeln 
function from the std.stdio module. When calling "foo" as it is 
in the example it prints nothing to the terminal which is really 
odd! Replacing this line with:
<< std.stdio.writeln("bar") >>
and running the program, it normally prints "bar" to the terminal 
as expected!

Run it and you'll see!

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