how do I pass --whole-archive and --no-whole-archive to dub?

Andrei Alexandrescu SeeWebsiteForEmail at
Thu Aug 6 18:10:07 UTC 2020

So this project has a registration function that associates pointers to 
functions to functionality architecture.

The current approach is to have a file, say everything.d, that imports 
all modules in the project and then for each module calls the function 
(inside that module) that carries the registration.

Of course that makes everything.d a large dependency knot that takes 
long to compile and also makes incremental/modular/parallel compilation 
unduly difficult.

This is a classic problem with a classic solution: build a little 
registry and have each module register itself in the shared static 
this() module constructor. The code in each module would go:

shared static this() {

That way everything does not depend on anything, and the onus is on each 
module to register itself. That way modules can be changed (or even 
added!) literally without a need to touch or recompile anything else in 
the project. Neat!

Except, the project is a static library. When linking the library with 
an executable, the linker is motivated to cull unused modules. And for 
good reason. (You don't want to initialize the fpga library in 
hello_world, etc.) So the module finds that each of those 
self-registering modules is not used from the outside (the module 
constructor is beautifully/damnedly self-referential) and eliminates the 
entire module. So no more registration and the scheme doesn't work.

This is another classic problem with a classic solution: when linking 
anything with mylib.a, send the linker the --whole-archive flag just 
before it and the --no-whole-archive flag right after it. (Other OSs 
have similar flags.)

How can I do that in dub?

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