Compiler switch: `-gdwarf-<version>` or `-gdwarf=<version>` ?

Luhrel lucien.perregaux at
Thu Aug 6 21:47:42 UTC 2020


Transcribing it here because not everyone may see it.
 From the PR

>> Add `-gdwarf-<version>` compiler switch
>Shouldn't the switch be -gdwarf=5 to be consistent with DMD's 
>other flags? Then, it's also >possible for the user to list all 
>available options.

> Maybe, but Clang and GCC have the -gdwarf-<version> switch, so 
> I added the same for consistency between different compilers. 
> What do you think ?

> I think sticking to the DMD style makes more sense here, 
> because I am not sure a lot of people would like to have at 
> least three more CLI flags. IIRC there has been a precedent 
> with make flags. What do other people think?

So, what's your point of view, guys ?

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