Shadowing of module global TLS variables is not an error

Nils Lankila NilsLankila at
Fri Aug 14 09:45:26 UTC 2020

On Friday, 14 August 2020 at 08:58:04 UTC, Per Nordlöw wrote:
> Shouldn't this code give a shadowing error?
> int x;                          // global?
> void test() @safe nothrow @nogc
> {
>     int x = x;                  // shouldn't this give a 
> shadowing warning?
> }

Why should it ? they are not declared in the same scope so 
resoltuion rules work perfectly, you distinguish both in several 
ways. The global using `modulename.x` or `.x` and just `x` in the 
func body to use the local one.

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