Good build system?

burt invalid_email_address at
Sat Aug 15 14:22:44 UTC 2020


I have a project that is taking very long to compile (I'm on 

It consists of a bunch of precompiled library (.lib) files and 
some .d source files inside of my "source" directory. Currently I 
am using DUB and the .lib files are added to "sourceFiles" in 
dub.json, which works, but if I edit a single letter it will 
recompile everything.

One alternative would be to split up my package into 
"subPackages" to avoid recompiling everything, but that would 
mean splitting up my current directory structure into a structure 
that is harder to navigate.

Another alternative I tried is Reggae, but it doesn't work on 
1. When calling .reggae/dcompile, it fails, because the Windows 
shell (intuitively as always) splits of the ".reggae" from 
"/dcompile" and treats them as separate arguments (managed to fix 
this by editing the Reggae source slightly, in 
payload\reggae\build.d : expandCmd).
2. Either it takes FOREVER to compile and link the thing, or it 
gets stuck in some kind of infinite loop.

Anyway, it doesn't work.

What kind of build system could I use to speed up compilation 
when editing very little, or could I configure DUB so it 
recompiles per file instead of per package?

Thank you.

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