Errors with no context

Steven Schveighoffer schveiguy at
Mon Aug 17 15:15:09 UTC 2020

I'm looking at a weird failure in Phobos CI.

The single line is this:

std/range/package.d(921): Deprecation: storage class `ref` has no effect 
in type aliases

The error itself is not what I want to complain about. What is annoying 
to me is, this is inside a template. I have no idea where it was trying 
to compile this from or what parameters were used.

However in other cases, an entire "stack trace" of the compilation will 
be shown, i.e. "failed to compile this template", "instantiated from 
here", etc.

Can we make sure all template compilation errors print this stack trace? 
It's immensely useful, and sometimes completely required in order to 
understand why an error is happening. At the very least, it should 
display the template parameters being used to compile the code.

This would go a long way to make D errors easier to understand. A lot of 
effort has gone into recently showing what template constraints don't 
work, which has been great!

I'm hoping there is a general way this can be enabled.


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