Does the developers want the people to give suggestions?

Flade consolemaster0 at
Mon Aug 17 17:21:51 UTC 2020

On Monday, 17 August 2020 at 17:00:54 UTC, Steven Schveighoffer 
> On 8/17/20 12:50 PM, Flade wrote:
>> I want to suggest some things (for the switch and the foreach 
>> loop) and I was wondering, just the developers take 
>> suggestions? And if yes, did the made anything that someone 
>> else suggested?
> It never hurts to ask here. Though if you are new to D, you 
> mean find that your suggestions are already covered. What are 
> your suggestions?
> -Steve

Thanks a lot for the quick answer! Maybe my suggestions are 
covered (yes I'm actually new to D) but thanks a lot for 
listening! I will actually talk for the switch statement now.

First and most importantly I would say to automatically break in 
each case because from my personal experience, this is what we do 
all the time. Also D let's you cover ranges so if you want for 
example to switch in (x) and cover cases 1 through 5, you would 
do "case 1: .. case 5:" so in D specifically there is no reason 
to not break automatically. Also there is the "goto" statement to 
be used with switch statements so even if someone needs to check 
another case in a rare scenario, we are covered! If there is 
something I don't know or I don't understand here please forgive 
me and correct me!

Second, there is a small detail. You see I think that when 
covering ranges, we should change the syntax a little bit.

Current is
case 1: .. case 6:
It will be better to become
case 1 .. case 6:
Or even better
case 1 .. 6:

Of course this is just how it looks better to me but I also 
believe that it combines and fits better with the way we cover 
some specif cases which is done with: "case 1,3,4,7" and for me 
it makes sense that we don't repeat the word "case" multiple 

So yeah that was me suggestions. I'm new to D and I'm in LOVE 
with the language!!! It just wanted to try to help with something 
even if it's just some small details and of course I want mind if 
this things won't be made. Thanks a lot for your time and effort 

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