Feedback Thread: DIP 1032--Function Pointer and Delegate Parameters...--Final Review

Walter Bright newshound2 at
Mon Aug 17 22:05:33 UTC 2020

This DIP came about because I ran into annoying instances in druntime/phobos 
where pure functions were being passed pure delegates as parameters, but were 
being rejected by the compiler because the parameter was un-attributed. I fixed 
them, so it is not a surprise that phobos/druntime do not exhibit examples of 
those issues.

I also anticipate this feature will be convenient for when `lazy` is eliminated 
and arguments will be implicitly convertible to delegates.

The readability/writeability issue is more important than you suggest; people 
don't like writing attribute soup. Things that preserve the value of attributes 
while not requiring people to write them are good.

The downside of this proposal that most concerns me is the breaking of existing 

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